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PC Tools Performance Toolkit Multilingual

Performance Toolkit includes tools that let you speed up your computer, optimizing your PC and personal data protection. The program improves the quality of Windows ® with advanced technologies, accelerating the load, improving stability, providing system monitoring and tuning services. In addition, the program allows you to recover deleted data and recover hard drives - so the computer is always running like new.

Now also fixes the basic security problems Windows - delete history of visited web sites, destroy files beyond recovery, but also cleans the free disk space.

Key features:
- Optimizing Windows ®
- Cleaning the Windows Registry
- Faster loading Windows
- Internet safety
- Recover photos, music and other documents
- Support for the health of the hard disk

Cleaning and monitoring the registry:
- Secure correct errors in the registry Windows. Gradually accumulate in the registry invalid entries and invalid references that cause Windows crashes and error messages. PC Tools Performance Toolkit allows you to safely clean and repair incorrect registry entries in just a few mouse clicks.
- Setting up the scan. Performs a complete scan of your registry, but allows you to select only certain areas to check.
- A screen with detailed test results. Scan results page is full-text search to quickly find problems as well as drop-down sections describing problems.
- Automatically save your registry with each fix. PC Tools Performance Toolkit automatically creates a backup copy of all the roster patch, which allows to quickly undo changes.

Protection of personal data:
- Clean-up Internet. Privacy Guardian feature in PC Tools Performance Toolkit removes all traces of the Internet, the history of open web sites and other personal data. In particular, it allows you to remove all or part of the traces on the Internet: the cache files cookie, index.dat, a well as the history of visited web sites. The program supports a variety of browsers. Also removed other personal data - the contents of Trash Windows, temporary files, lists of recently opened addresses Microsoft Office. The program allows you to remove the traces of more than 50 third-party applications, including AOL, ICQ, Windows Media Player, etc.
- Cleaning of disk space. Clean free space on the disk making it impossible to restore information using standard methods. This ensures maximum privacy and data security.

Optimizing Performance:
- Optimization. PC Tools Performance Toolkit includes a set of tools to optimize Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
- Compress the registry. The compression function in PC Tools Registry analyzes realign and compacts the registry Windows, by removing gaps and corrupt keys.
- Defragment. PC Tools Performance Toolkit includes disk defragmentation tool that optimizes the files on disk for quick access and improve overall system performance.
- Optimization of the system. The "Optimize system" starts overall system optimization. This feature introduces a number of changes the Windows registry to improve your system performance. System optimization tool includes defragmentation and file downloads regroup and update the list of items in the "Start" menu in Windows. This speeds up the loading of Windows.
- Monitor and other information. As part of the optimization function of PC Tools Performance Toolkit provides an easy interface to view useful system information, such as process manager Windows, which displays information about the running processes, CPU usage, activity and priority. Also uses the performance monitoring and discs for easy viewing of free CPU and memory, as well as detailed information about the system (computer name, user name, operating system, processor speed, memory, number of processors, the location of printers, etc.)

Speed ​​up your PC:
- Fast and stable operation of the hard disk. Cleaning and optimizing your hard drive. PC Tools Performance Toolkit detects and repairs errors and faults with hard drives.
- Correction of errors on the hard disk. PC Tools Performance Toolkit includes a search function errors on hard drives.
Faster loading Windows. PC Tools Performance Toolkit disables the automatic loading of unnecessary programs, speed up boot Windows.

Title : PC Tools Performance Toolkit Multilingual
Description : Performance Toolkit includes tools that let you speed up your computer, optimizing your PC and personal data protection. The program impro...

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